Dark Eden M, published by WEMADE CONNECT(Master Contents Platform),  is a digital asset for P&E game contents based on a war between Slayers and Vampires. Dark Eden M Cryptocurrency is to enhance the Wemix Ecosystem of rewards and tangible/intangible game goods for all actions performed on game platforms.

DEBCO Usage and Plans

DEBCO mission is to support users of a game-based decentralized economy, and showcase the potential of WEMADE DAO. It is a gradual process that takes plenty of time, hard work, and deliberate action towards the final goal. 

WEMADE DAO doesnt just appear, it needs to be built by user and governance.

  1. Total Supply : 1,000,000,000 DEBCO
  2. Token Vesting
Category  Quantities Total Supply Cliff period

Game Operation


650,000,000 65% N/A
De-Fi 180,000,000 18% Release on Demand
Team Reward 50,000,000 5% lineary over 3 years 
Platform Operation 70,000,000 7% N/A 
Marketing 50,000,000 5% Release on Demand
Total 1,000,000,000 100%

Policy and Decisions

  • Daily trade volume as provided by Wemixscope and Wemix Wallet
  • Daily trade volume converted to units of each Contributed Asset at end of day’s Wemix Wallet Price
  • At the start, the injection will be monthly based on cumulative units of each Contributed Asset(derived from the monthly calculation)

Game-based Token modeling

DEBCO aimes to be a comprehensive portal for anything and everything to do in the  Wemix ecosystem. We also endeavor to provide a game in which all users can leverage the benefit of their play to the maximum of their ability by defeating a foe and to be fame of honor.  On our platform, the users authorize or share their items and goods.

[DEBCO system]

Dark Eden M on Wemix, which has issued digital currency using DEBCO, is allowed to exchange on Wemix . 

[Tier Medal]

The Tier Medal is an in-game asset obtained through various contents and competition with the realm. Players can acquire a Tier Medal and exchange it with DEBCO through play in the game.

Token Exchange Ecosystem

Dark Eden games have various contents that can maximize game profits. Exchanging DEBCO to use medals to strengthen their characters and provide key elements to win PVP. PVP will allow you to earn more DEBCO, so you have to keep your position in your Realm. In order to invade/ defend other’s territory, and to be stronger than the rival realm, DEBCO provides richier liquidity through user gameplay.

DEBCO Characteristic

Utility Token(ERC-20)

Survival Token 

DEBCO is a token created to give strength to a player’s character through confrontation with the opponent.

Potential intrinsic Value 

Before participating in DEBCO, it is hoped that careful research on the white paper, including the contents related to tokens will be conducted.The possibility of DEBCO development in the future is boundless. Based on Wemade Connect’s Master Content Platform(MCP), it aims to expand into various worldviews. Please note that appropriate professional services can be used to support investment analysis.

This policy is not legally enforced or binding and may be amended as necessary depending on the situation of the game service.