Token Guide

How to obtain a Token

Tier Medal can be obtained by PK with other race or completing various missions.
Tier Medal is the only value to upgrade your Tier and it can be exchanged to DEBCO.


The Refinement currency ‘Tier Medal’ is needed to obtain ‘DEBCO’.
‘Tier Medal‘ can be obtained and used through various contents.

■ How to obtain Tier Medal

– By having PK with the other race.
– Acquire with various mission and quest (achievements) rewards.
– Acquire at Space-time monastery / Temaria Sanctuary or PVP.
※ Up to 70,000 Tier Medals can be achieved weekly though PKs with hostile race.

■ Where to use Tier Medals

- Item Modification (Upgrade, Change Options, Equip Gem, Grant Chorale).
- SPIN(roulette).
- Tier Medal Store.
- DEBCO Refinement.

If you have enough Tier Medals to Refine DEBCO, tab [Menu] > [DEBCO] and achieve a token by Refinement.

※ To proceed with Refinement, WEMIX WALLET should be linked.
※ Check on WEMIX WALLET connection guide.

1. You can check the currently owned assets (DEBCO, Tier Medal).
2. Today’s DEBCO price can be checked.
* DEBCO price resets everyday 00:00 (UTC+9).
3. DEBCO Refinement can be done according to the numbers of ‘Tier Medals’ owned.
* Up to 50 DEBCO can be Refined daily.
4. Exchange of ‘Tier Medal’ can be done according to the numbers of ‘DEBCO’ owned.