NFT Transformation Card Guide

This is a usage guide of the [ NFT Transformation Card ] that can be obtained through the NFT pre-sale auction or transaction between users.

Tab Menu > DEBCO to enter NFT menu.

① If you owned the NFT Transformation Card, tab the [Import NFT] at the right bottom to activate the card.

② After activating the Transformation Card by tapping the [Import NFT] button, the NFT stored at WEMIX WALLET will be created in the game.

▼ In-game screen after tapping the [Confirm] button.

③ The activated NFT Transformation Card can be found and used at the [Transform] menu.
※ [Transformation Scroll] is needed in using the Transformation Card.

④ The activated NFT Transformation Card can be Sealed by tapping the [Seal NFT] button and can be transact with other users through WEMIX WALLET.
※ The Sealed NFT Transformation Card cannot be used before it’s activation.

▼ The NFT Transformation Card does not show any more after tapping the [Seal NFT] button.