Crest Engraving

Crest Engraving

Crest Engraving


GUIDE | 2022.04.20

《Crest Engraving》

Crest Engraving is a system that uses Adam’s Crystal for each Rank as a Material to increase Attributes.

Tab Menu > Leveling to enter Crest Engraving.

> Crest Engraving

 Each Ranks Adam’s Crystal is needed to Imprint Crest in increasing Character’s Stats.

 - Depending on the Level of the Crest, the Rank and quantity of required Adam's Essence increase.

 - There is a probability of failure for Crest Engraving. (Rank is maintained upon failure.)

 - Players can increase the success rate up to a certain figure by using more Materials for Crest Engraving.

 - In the Crest Engraving, use the <, > buttons to check the Information of the next Rank.


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