[Payment] I have purchased Ruby but I want to cancel the transaction.

2022-05-03 19:52
Ruby purchase can only be canceled without using it after purchase.

In the case of Apple (iOS), all payments are processed by Apple, so you must contact Apple Customer Center to cancel the payment and then request Ruby recall to the customer center of the game.
- If you do not contact to Customer Center about the Ruby recall then you might have a disadvantage from it.

If you paid at the Google Play Store, please fill out the purchase receipt information and contact us.

1. Server/Character Name:
2. Payment date and time:
3. Payment amount:
4. Ruby/item name and the quantity:
5. Receipt number:
6. Request: Payment cancellation/refund
7. Reason for request:

You can find Google's payment history and receipt number at the link below.

Payment cancellation/refund inquiries may take some time to process if there are many inquiries received.
We will do our best to handle it as soon as possible, so please understand the situation.

- Some products may not be included in the payment cancellation and refund list.
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